RUMOR: SUPERSTAR player would reportedly refuse contract extension if coach stays.

Jack Eichel and Dan Byslma don’t seem to be able to work together.

During the season, Dan Bylsma took a decision that seemed pretty surprising as he decided to bench his star player Jack Eichel. Tim Murray met with the press and took full responsibility for Sabres’ dismal season. Here’s what he

“I am the general manager today, he is the coach today, I haven’t had any thoughts of firing him up to this point and the reason I always say today is something could happen tomorrow, so he’s the coach, yes”

Major rumor today as WGR sport 550 sports radio is reporting this:

Inside sources have told me that Eichel has no desire to sign a contract extension this summer if Bylsma remains the coach..

Keep in mind that Tim Murray said this during the press conference held at the end of the season:

I made a promise to him that I would do the best that I could to make the team around him better and that we will be a long-term playoff team.”

Will a simple promise be enough to keep him with the team? Players like him don’t want to waste their career in a losing environment. Who will leave? Bylsma or Eichel?

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