Poile gives update on Ellis, Fisher, UFA goals and more

A lot of action has been reported across the league and it was pretty quiet in Nashville in the meantime. After getting so close to the Cup, David Poile and his team were pretty vocal about their willingness to keep the team more or less intact. Except for James Neil being loss to the draft, the team’s core remains intact.

Today, Poile gave a few updates about key elements for the team. It begins with an update on Mike Fisher’s future. Well, a non-update as it is. He then moved to give further updates on Ryan Ellis knee procedure. It’s all going fine. A clarification was given on Marek Mazanec. He will not be back next year. There will be a move made behind the bench to cover the void. All in all, nothing spectacular coming out of Nashville, but that’s to be expect from such a competitive organization. Don’t expect a lot of firework in the days to come!

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