Last month there were some major rumors involving Jarmor Jagr and his future with the Florida Panthers, or perhaps more precisely his lack of future with the organization, when an international report surfaced suggesting Jagr was ready to move on from the team.

Now however the living legend has made some comments in a recent interview with the Sun-Sentinel, and it doesn’t sound like those rumors were accurate at all. Jagr may not have outright stated his intent to return for one more season, but he made it clear he loves Florida and isn’t planning to change a thing.

“We’re already playing for the future right now,’’ Jagr said. “Nothing will make a difference [on my decision]. I still love the game and still want to get better every day I step on the ice. Nothing has changed for the last 20 years I play hockey, so the drive is still there. In my mind, I still always believe I could get better. No matter I love the game, I’ll have to wait and see what happens.

“This organization was so good to me. They give me a chance; they traded for me. … I love it. I play with very good talented players the last few y ears here. I love it, I love it and nothing has changed. It doesn’t matter we didn’t make the playoffs, nothing has changed. I’m the one to be blame, too, so … I have to wait until we finish the season.’’

This appears to be one rumor you can put to bed.

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