With the Playoffs fast approaching, every team not already locked in deserves our attention. One of them is the rookie-filled Maple Leafs, who’ve been impressive all year. Most of their players didn’t suffer injuries, so the team could go forward as a cohesive unit.

However, an important member of the team was hurt on Saturday and it had people very worried. Frederik Andersen was seen leaving the game and rumors went about a possible concussion. We wrote about him rejoining practice this morning, but more details filtered.

Although it’s much better for him to have pain in the jaw instead of a concussion, the injury is still worrisome for coach Babcock. Depending on the extent of the issue, Andersen could potentially play even if he’s hurt.

However, as you might know if you ever had a tooth infected, pain in the jaw area is a big distraction. Hopefully, the injury won’t hurt the team’s chance to reach the playoff, but it will certainly bother Andersen for a few days.

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