Coyotes coaching vacancy about to be filled with former rival coach?

Amidst the crazy news tempo of the last few weeks in the NHL, a shocking development happened in Arizona. Long time coach Dave Tippett and his former Coyotes decided to part ways in a apparent mutually agreed decision. Although the Coyotes didn’t exactly ran over the league in the last few seasons, there’s an interesting renaissance happening in the Arizona desert these days.

With the head coaching spot now vacant, a suitable replacement has to be found pretty quickly. The Stanley Cup final might have happened only a few weeks ago, but teams are already gearing up for the upcoming seasons. The Draft was a good moment to put some pieces on the chess board, but these new guy still need to be integrated and in some rare cases, coached by their new NHL teams. The Coyotes also made a few trades, most notably by acquiring Niklas Hjalmarsson,

Derek Stepan and Antti Raanta.

Anyhow, we learned today that former Oilers coach Todd Nelson will be interviewed for the job pretty soon.

He’s one of the most serious prospect for the job and he might land it sooner than later. Although he didn’t coach for so long in the NHL, he managed a team going through a rebuilding phase and knows how to put together a competitive roster.

We will be following this issue closely.

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