Lawrence Timmons: Tyreek Hill Is The Fastest Man, We Have To Stop Him

Steelers linebacker Lawrence Timmons says the key to stopping the speedy Chiefs playmaker Tyreek Hill is never to let him reach top speed.

Timmons said Friday morning on PFT Live that the Steelers have discussed the importance of hitting Hill immediately when he gets the ball, before he has a chance to get into the open field and get up to full speed.

“It’s real important for that guy not to get in space,” Timmons said. “We have to stop him before he gets going. He’s the fastest man on the field. The guy’s got 4.2 speed. That’s a lot to handle in itself right there, so we’ve got to play team defense and keep a cap on him.”

Timmons and his teammates are hoping to gang tackle Hill with good, clean hits.

“We have to of course play clean, but we have to rally to the ball, have three or four guys at the ball, and just play with that attitude the whole game,” Timmons said.

Whether the Steelers can do that may determine whether they get to the AFC Championship Game.

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